There’s no need to shout: using walkie-talkies when rock climbing

Clear communication between climbers is a vital part of climbing safely.  When two climbers are far apart, out of sight of each other or the wind is strong, then shouting is the usual way to communicate climbing commands and it usually works.  However, for those occasions when it doesn’t, I would recommend having walkie-talkies to hand.

Rock climbing with a walkie-talkie – climbing Colonel’s Arete (VD**) at The Dewerstone, Devon.

Why use walkie-talkies?

Safe climbing depends on climbers being able to accurately communicate information and instructions between each other.  The system of climbing commands is designed to ensure there are no misunderstandings between climbers about what exactly is going on and what they should be doing next.  However, it obviously depends on those commands being clearly heard.  It’s quite easy to come up with things that could go wrong if a shout is misunderstood or a climber makes assumptions when they cannot hear their partner. Read more

Rock climbing wedding cake toppers

My wonderful and talented fiancee has made rock climbing toppers for our wedding cake.  There is a little me belaying from the top of the cake while a topper of my fiancee climbs up.  The toppers are made of different colours of FIMO modelling clay worked around a wire frame, baked in the oven and then varnished.  My fiancee is amazing.

Rock climbing wedding cake toppers

The rock climbing wedding cake toppers.
The wedding cake topper of my fiancee.
The little me rock climbing wedding cake topper.