One of the most photographed views in the Dolomites…in cloud

It’s been said that the view across Lago di Misurina to the Sorapiss group of mountains is one of the most photographed in the Dolomites.  The full mass of these mountains reflected in the quiet, clear waters of Lago di Misurina is a view to make you sigh and stare as you try to take in the glory of it.  During my time in Misurina, this view was in cloud.

Lago di Misurina and the Sorapiss mountain range

I’m a bit disappointed about this because I would have loved to see all of these rugged peaks reflected in the waters below a blue sky.  However, I’m English and so am used to accepting that a mountain view is usually a bonus rather than a given.  I also think that there can be a beauty in clouds and how they interact with mountains. Read more