Rock Climbing

Top of the Monkey 2
Climbing Monkey Crack (VDiff) at Stanage.

I love rock climbing.  I’ve been climbing since I was a teenager (with the odd, injury-related break) and want to keep going until I’m 90.

Severe is the hardest UK trad grade that I can currently lead.  I’m trying to improve my climbing technique and this will hopefully help me climb at a higher grade.   However, I want to focus my climbing on having fun and being safe rather than pushing grades.  This blog is about climbing at the grade of Severe and below and having a good time doing it.

In the last few years I’ve started doing outdoor bouldering as well as the trad climbing.

With this blog I’ll share what I’ve been up to with my rock climbing and what I’ve learned.  I also hope this blog will be a way for me to learn new things about rock climbing from the comments people make on the blog and the discussions we have.

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