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5 thoughts on “Copyright Policy

  1. Robin, I’m writing an article titled “6 alternatives to running with the bulls that ARE covered by travel insurance” for my company’s blog. Via ferrata are covered by us (much safer than bulls!) and I’d like to illustrate the post with one of your images (caption: The view down as I traversed across the Lauterbrunnen cliffs.).
    Of course we’ll attribute it and will add hyperlink to your blog (or any other site you nominate).
    If you wish to discuss please email me.

  2. Hi Robin, I the art ed of BBC Countryfile Magazine and I see you have some cracking shots of the Via Ferrata at Honister Slate mine and was wondering if we could publish one in the magazine?

    Many thanks for your time,


      1. Hi Robin, I wanted to ask if you had the maps or GPX GPS Routes for Via Ferrata La Guagua and the other routes in Gran Canaria? Thanks

        1. Hi Drew,

          I don’t remember there being a specific map as such. I had a general map of Gran Canaria that showed walking trails and points of interest – Kompass 237.

          It’s probably worth checking whether La Guagua is still there as the last I heard it had been taken down. However, this was a couple of years ago. There’s information on which via ferrata are open and which are closed at

          Best wishes,


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