Vie Ferrate on Gran Canaria

I never would have guessed that an island in the Atlantic, off the coast of Africa, has incredible vie ferrate – the cabled climbing routes more normally associated with the Dolomites and the Alps.  But Gran Canaria has several vie ferrate that give interesting, hard climbing on volcanic rock and which take you through wild country with stunning views of mountains and sea.  Two of the vie ferrate on this Spanish island have even been listed in the top ten in that country and I fully understand why.

Climbing the corner of a cave on the Via Ferrata La Guagua on Gran Canaria.

I’d not heard of the vie ferrate on Gran Canaria until I started researching the island as a place to go on honeymoon.  However, it’s not that surprising that I’d not heard about these vie ferrate as I can find little information on them in English.  I suspect they may be hardly known about outside Spain.  That’s a situation that needs to be corrected so that more people can enjoy them. Read more