The return of the rock climbing wedding cake toppers

On 27 October 2012 I got married to a wonderful woman.  On our wedding cake were a pair of rock climbing wedding cake toppers made by my brilliant and amazing wife.

My wife and I share a love of rock climbing.  It’s just one element of our partnership, our support for each other and the life we share.  It therefore seemed appropriate, symbolic and fun to have these figures on our wedding cake.

The rock climbing wedding cake toppers on the chocolate marquis.

The cake itself tasted great.  It was a dark chocolate marquis.  This basically means that each tier had two layers – a base of dark chocolate, fudge cake that was topped with a thick, creamy chocolate mousse.

The entire cake was finished with more dark chocolate, chocolate shavings and giant, chocolate dipped strawberries.  A sort of chocolate mountain for the cake toppers.  The cake was made early on the morning by the Euphorium Bakery in London.

The rock climbing wedding cake groom.

The cake toppers themselves are made of different coloured FIMO modelling clay.  The little figure of me was held in place by a wire up its bottom (my wife says this isn’t symbolic).

The rock climbing wedding cake bride.

It was a fantastic cake and an amazing day.

A big thank you to my Dad for the photographs.

My original post about the wedding cake toppers can be viewed here.

The rock climbing wedding cake toppers

28 thoughts on “The return of the rock climbing wedding cake toppers

  1. You have some interesting cake toppers there. Cake toppers come in such a wide variety of colors and shapes. People who are interested can be sure to find one that they will really like.

    I think your wife must receive good reviews from lots of happy couples if she makes toppers for others. These look appealing. The rock climbers will go over well with people who want a formal look but would still like their cake to look real.

    I have seen some interesting toppers in my time. Some of them were quite humorous and others were cute but left the humor out. Good selection.

  2. Hi Robin, I am also based in London and will be getting married next month. I just saw the cake topper that your wife made for your wedding and it looks amazing! I am guessing you’ve had lots of requests but just wondering if your wife has made any more of these and if she’d be willing to sell us something similar as my fiance and I also love climbing and would love a cake topper such as yours at our wedding! Please do let me know – thanks very much!

    1. Thank you and congratulations on your forthcoming wedding.

      We’d love to be able to help out, but I’m afraid that there just isn’t enough time to make some toppers for a wedding next month. There’s the design to be done and the FIMO to order as well as the making and baking. Also, much like pottery, FIMO can sometimes crack during the baking and, if that happens, you have to start again. We’d want you to have something perfect for your wedding and wouldn’t feel comfortable rushing it.

      There are people who create bespoke cake toppers full-time and you may find that they can make you something in time.

      All the best for your wedding.


  3. Love the topper, just what we are looking for! Could you let us know if you can make this for our wedding in September? Thanks.

  4. Hi,

    Just seen on the previous post that your wife may be able to make one of the toppers for a wedding in September. Could you please ask your wife if she’d be able to fit another climbing cake topper in for our wedding in September? We’re getting married in Arco, Italy, and the FIMO solution is just perfect. Thanks a lot in advance

    1. Hi,

      Congratulations on your wedding!

      I have to admit to not having heard of Arco before, so I just Googled it and it looks beautiful and a fantastic place for a wedding. It even looks like it comes with climbing(?).

      Valerie will send you an email directly about the cake toppers to discuss what would be involved and what you might like.

      All the best,


      1. Hello,
        I have spent a signficant amount of time trying to find a rock climbing cake topper. These are by far the most amazing I’ve seen. My fiance and I are getting married in August and were wondering if there was any way your wife could make us a set??? The only catch would be we live in the US. Are they something that would survive the shipping?

        1. Hi Lauren.

          I’m glad you think they’re amazing (I think so too).

          To be honest, I’m not entirely sure they would cope well in transit to the US. They’re basically baked clay and are relatively strong, but a hard knock would probably cause some damage. It would be a big shame for them to arrive broken, but if you wanted to take the chance, then my wife would be willing to give it a go.

          Do let me know if you’re still interested and my wife can email you to discuss practicalities further.

          Best wishes,

          1. Hi, thought I’d chip in…. Your wife made my cake toppers and they are absolutely fantastic. She had packed them really tightly in a lockable food box, stuffed with newspaper and they arrived all intact, so personally I don’t think posting them to the States would harm them any more. The only added packaging I can think of would be ‘crumbled up styrofoam’ as well as the newspaper and I’m sure they’ll be fine 🙂

            I’ll send you some photos of the toppers in use after the wedding…. They are amazing!!!!

          2. Robin,
            After reading the good news about the figures surviving the mail, I am most definitely still interested in these toppers. Please have your wife contact me at xxx [address noted and removed for privacy]. I look forward to discussing the possibility further!!!

      2. Arco…oh,my Arco! The northern Garda lake area is probably the most important sport climbing playground in Italy,so that our bread is made of stone,i could say.
        That couple will possibly come for the Rock Master contest (in 2011 IFSC world championship) and obviously for their marriage,it is not the first time that i hear of such a thing…congratulations!

        1. Ciao, Paolo…. You are correct, we’ll catch the championship before the family arrives, take the kids up a via ferrata or two, and then enjoy the Big Day (hopefully without too many bruises caused by the rock). Tanti saluti…..

            1. Thanks, Paolo, we will see if we can fit that in, sounds great! Off to Sexten first though in a few weeks. Any suggestions other than the standard routes?

            2. Yes and no,depending on what you mean for standard routes and relative grades…i have more experience on long,classic routes then Monte Sarca and Brento or the never boring Placche Zebrate.

  5. It looks like you get this request A LOT! I’m another fan of those adorable cake toppers. I’d love to discuss the possibility of your wife making one for our wedding. Can you send me an email when you have the chance? Thanks!

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