A Trad Day

I finally got a chance last weekend to do my first trad leading since my injury and surgery. After getting frustratingly rained off Stanage a few weeks ago, it was great climb in sunshine on Tryfan Bach. A day of climbing on Tryfan Bach’s beautiful slab, its with well-protected, low-grade climbs, was just what I needed to get reacquainted with leading trad and to clear my head.

9 thoughts on “A Trad Day

    • Yes thanks. It really is good to get away from London and do something active outdoors.

      I’ve camped there too and remember the chickens. It’s really useful having two campsites in the Ogwen so close to the climbing.

  • I remember with pleasure climbing there. Once, I got a fright when I stopped climbing to put in some protection. I saw that my second was no longer belaying me but climbing up behind me. His excuse, “You can’t fall very far on this slab”.

    • There are certainly climbs where you can fall further, but the fall would be more than enough to do some serious damage. It would also be one of those falls where you bounced and rolled your way down, so you would be pretty bashed up before you even hit the ground. That’s not the best attitude for a second and something that must have been an unwelcome surprise.

      Best wishes,


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