Exmoor Cold and Pretty

I paid the price for going, but going was worth it.

For days in advance of the trip to Exmoor I had been hoping that the rotten cold I had for two weeks would go away. When it didn’t, I decided to go anyway. I wanted to see Exmoor again and not miss one of my limited opportunities to do walking that was more adventurous than a London pavement.  But I paid the price in aches, snot and coughing. The grottiness was worth it though for the pretty walking through wooded combes, along rocky headlands and over freezing moor.

7 thoughts on “Exmoor Cold and Pretty

  1. Exmoor’s one of the few places in Britain where I haven’t been yet.

    That damned cold is going around. I just met up with my friend Richard for a trip to the Lakes and he came complete with cold… now of course, I’ve got the damned thing. I do think fresh air is the best thing for it though…

    1. If it’s the same cold that I’ve had, then it’s an absolute, stubborn stinker of a cold. Sorry. Colds coming you want to be enjoying the mountains is really annoying. I hope you feel better soon.

      1. Actually, it doesn’t seem to be that bad as I think it’s already gone. It was merely irritating and kept making me sneeze all the time. I did feel cold and miserable for a day or so but that bit soon went too.

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