Peak Weekend

What a great weekend of climbing in the Peak District.  I did a selection of varied and interesting climbs, the sun shone (mostly), it wasn’t raining (mostly) and there was enough of a breeze to keep the midges at bay.

4 thoughts on “Peak Weekend

    • Thanks. It was.

      Climbers often say it’s better to climb grit in the cold because the friction is better. It’s sometimes nice to climb in the warm though and not have to sit at the top of a climb in the wind and cold.

      Best wishes,

  • Cool pictures, I’m a big fan of burbage, the corner you did, the pinnacle at the top if you climb direct is vs 4c. Totally protected and a great way into that grade. Plus it’s fun as anything!!

    • Burbage is lovely. I seem to have been climbing more at Stanage recently and so it was a good change to go to Burbage.

      Thanks for the tip on the climb. I might give that a go the next time I’m there. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I go back this time.

      Best wishes,

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