A Little Bit Green Around the Edges

Climbing in the Peak District at this time of year usually means three things for me. Hoping that it won’t be raining so that I can actually climb. Trying to avoid climbing on rock covered in damp, green lichen that it’s easy for my hand or foot to slip off.   Plus, climbing at a level that I can manage and enjoy when I either have a cold or am recovering from one.

Climbing One Inch Arete (VB 4a) in the Little Quarry at Curbar Edge.

The rain that had poured down on the Peak District last Friday disappeared by Saturday to leave clear skies and brilliant sunshine.   It was great weather for bouldering and I was really pleased that I could try out bouldering at Curbar Edge for the first time.

The remains of a winter cold meant that I stuck to bouldering on easier problems (marked as green in my guidebook). Unfortunately, Friday’s rain had made some of these problems notably harder by refreshing the lichen. I would occasionally reach for a hold and find myself trying to grip green slime. There were other times that I’d look at a problem and decide its green coating meant I’d have to try it another day.

Despite the unwanted greenery, I think I got lucky. I did a variety of fun and interesting problems, on a beautiful day, in a great setting. That was easily enough to make me forget about being a bit poorly. Hopefully I will lucky again at this time next year.

4 thoughts on “A Little Bit Green Around the Edges

  1. One of my favourite places – can’t wait to get out there again. Thank you for the get well card! John

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