Why is the best weather the weekend before?

Why does the best weather always seem to happen the weekend before I go on a climbing trip?  Sunshine, clear skies and low winds bless the destinations of my long-planned climbing trips on the weekends before I try to go climbing.  The weather forecasters often refer to “unseasonably good weather” when talking about those weekends, before going on to say “but the weather will change mid-week.”  This means that by the time I try to go climbing the weather is rainy, unsettled, changeable or in some other way not really ideal for rock climbing.  That preceding weekend feels like a teaser of what might have been.  It makes not being able to climb because it’s raining that little bit more annoying.

Me climbing Route 3 (VB 4a) on The Chant section of Burbage North.

This is what happened last weekend.  A weekend of good weather in the Peak District was followed by an intermittently rainy weekend.  After a couple of abortive attempts, Leo and I managed to get about two and a half hours of bouldering done on the Saturday before being rained off.  On the Sunday we had a relaxed start while we waited for it to stop raining and were rewarded with a break in the rain for a while, but the rock was too wet to climb and we went for a potter along Curbar Edge instead.  It was fun, but it was also a bit frustrating at times too and it would have been more fun if we had got a full weekend of climbing in.


4 thoughts on “Why is the best weather the weekend before?

    • True. Limestone is not fun to climb on when it’s wet.

      The main issue for me is that I have limited opportunities to climb outside and most climbing is a bit of a trek to get to. It means that I have to try to make the most of the climbing opportunities I have.

      Best wishes,

  • The bouldering is great in Burbage [North or South] as your pics show.
    There has been hardly any ‘best weather’ this last couple of months up here.
    But as I say that this morning is blue sky and sun – a bit of local gritstone this afternoon.
    I’m just lucky to have it on the doorstep.

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