Windy Kinder

Windy, wet and grey – last weekend had a lot in common with other weekends I’ve spent in the Peak District at this time of year.  It was still fun though, particularly as I set out to go to bits of the Peak District I’d not been to before.  This meant heading around the edge of the moors to the East of Kinder Scout on Saturday.

By Sunday the wind had become so strong that walking around the tops looked impractical (and certainly like a lot of hard work).

So, I did a pleasant walk along one of the shores of Ladybower Reservoir and into the woods on the ridge above.  The trees and the ridge gave good shelter from the wind that was whipping up waves on the reservoir and bending the trees on the opposite shore.  When we broke cover from the trees near the top of the ridge, the wind slammed into us and everyone in the group agreed it was time to head back.

5 thoughts on “Windy Kinder

    1. It’s in the reservoir, a little way from the shore. When the water level is low, like it was when I was there, then the intake stands above the water like this. When the water level is higher, it’s above the top of the intake and the water just flows into it. I was standing by a wall when I took this.

      It does look a bit scary. A dark hole to nowhere.

      Best wishes,

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