Rock climbing wedding cake toppers

My wonderful and talented fiancee has made rock climbing toppers for our wedding cake.  There is a little me belaying from the top of the cake while a topper of my fiancee climbs up.  The toppers are made of different colours of FIMO modelling clay worked around a wire frame, baked in the oven and then varnished.  My fiancee is amazing.

7 thoughts on “Rock climbing wedding cake toppers

  1. My daughter and her fiance are both climbers and are getting married in October this year. Any chance your very talented wife could quote me for a couple of wedding cake toppers?

    1. Dear Anne.

      Congratulations on your daughter’s engagement. I’m delighted you like the cake toppers.

      Valerie would be very happy to have a go at making some more and will email you directly to discuss what you’re looking for.

      Best wishes,

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