There and Back Again – Countisbury to Heddon’s Mouth and back

After probably the wettest winter on record in the UK I thought I might have another walk sealed in my waterproofs as gusts of wind made me zig-zag like a drunkard as I walked over the hills.  Instead, the sun shone on my visit to Exmoor and I wore a T-shirt most of the time.  I walked along stunning coastline and through beautiful woods of ghostly trees yet to come into bud.

The following photos give a flavour of this great weekend.  They are of my walk last Saturday along the South West Coastal path between Countisbury and Heddon’s Mouth and back again via a slightly different, often higher, route.

3 thoughts on “There and Back Again – Countisbury to Heddon’s Mouth and back

  • The next step is to do it at sea-level…….

    It seems that since Coasteering became a leisure-industry it has been forgotten that it was pioneered in North Devon by C R Archer in the 1950s….

    Iain Peters’ North Devon and Cornwall Climber’s Guide published 1988 contained a fairly full summary – though Archer once wrote a whole book about it!

    Fantastic bit of coast – I lived in Alcombe [Minehead] for several years

    • That’s got to be a pretty big undertaking, although I wouldn’t mind giving it a go for some of it. Coasteering something I’ve yet to try and it would be fun to try it on such beautiful cliffs.

  • As I recall the key section is round Heddon’s Mouth and Woody Bay -that’s the bit the aficionados regard as the crux

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