Somewhere New

Me climbing Worn Down (Font 3) at Almscliff, Yorkshire.

It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog post. The main reasons for this were that the pandemic, and actually getting Covid-19, made it hard or impossible to do the activities I normally write about here. Then there was moving house, and all the changes and work that brings. Thankfully, that move has brought many opportunities for climbing and walking as I’ve left London for the wonders of Yorkshire. I therefore have more to blog about, and so I’m returning to posting on The Severe Climber.

Here are a few photos to give you a very brief idea of what I’ve been up to since the move. There will be more to come.

15 thoughts on “Somewhere New

  1. Believe it or not, I did actually keep wondering where you were and what had happened to you – glad you’re okay. You’ve moved to a wonderful county. I never got on with gritstone though – was fine on the limestone and still climb that now.

    I recognised your Rylstone Cross photo as it’s exactly the same as I put on the front of my calendar this year – without yourself of course! That was my local moor before I moved to Cumbria.

    Plenty of good bouldering and climbing at Crookrise – I’m sure you’ll be getting to those soon…

    1. Thanks.

      Yorkshire is fantastic.

      Funny, I’m the reverse – I prefer climbing gritstone to climbing limestone.

      Crookrise is on my to do list. One of the nice things about Yorkshire is that I can have a long to do list and a chance to tick things off it.

      I hope all is good with you.

      1. I’m well into wearing out my new hip I’ve been doing so much – I’ll have to be careful though as I can only have one more as my bones, apparently, are tiny! Strange as I’m 6’0″

        I didn’t like gristone as there were no juggy holds for me and I’m a crap climber. Limestone always seems to have some nice, square holds somewhere and the awkward, holdless and undercut starts don’t generally bother me as I’m tall enough to reach above all that!

          1. Limestone does get polished.

            At least with my hip, I know from the physiotherapy I had before my eventual replacement which muscles to build up and tense when I’m hillwalking. I was getting on really well with strengthening those muscles for walking but went out on my pedal bike the other day – oh my goodness – that hurt!

            1. It’s good that the physio has helped so much with the walking. I remember how surprised at my lack of endurance when I went back to cycling after years of not getting on a bike.

  2. Yes good to have you back again. I’m sure Yorkshire is a cut above London ( say’s me from the Red Rose County) Lots of climbing and bouldering and of course Tetley’s Ales. I have lost so much skin at Almscliffe and Brimham in the past. Eastby, Crookrise and Rylstone have some of the best ‘severe’ climbs around. Enjoy and I look forward to your posts.

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